Sample Certificate
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Found Your Marbles, the Marble Registry
Lost Your Marbles?
We find lost marbles for everyone.
We, also, find marbles that we do not know who they below to. You can claim them!
Congratulations, You now have all your marbles!

The Marble Registry certifies that
Don Norris
now has all his marbles.

Don Norris had lost his marbles in a parking lot in downtown Denver. It was there, on Friday, June 10, 1985, at 2:00 PM, that Don lost 5 of his marbles when he purchased a 1972 Corvette according to his wife and children. Found Your Marbles, the foremost international marble finder in the World,  found his marbles in the gutter in downtown Denver on November 12, 2014.

Don's marbles have now been returned
and Don now has all his marbles!

Don Norris, President and CEO of Marble Finding