Don Norris, creater: Lost Your Marbles
When: Today, Tuesday, June 10, 2014
Where: Longmont, Colorado
How: He lost his marbles as he began to create yet another project while working on several large projects.
These marbles have been found, but not claimed or returned. You can claim them now.
Lost Your Marbles?
We find lost marbles for everyone!
We, also, find marbles that we do not know who they belong to.
You can claim them for yourself, even keep others from having all their marbles.
Who Lost Their Marbles Today?
Who was just freaking crazy today and lost all of their marbles today?
International Marble Registry
International Marble Registry is the only world wide marble registry organized to keep track of peoples marbles, report on lost marbles, find lost marbles, return lost marbles, and provide certificates to those that have all their marbles.

If you have lost your marbles, or know of someone that has, we can find or replace them and return them with the Certicate of Authenticity that will prove that the person who lost them,
now has all their marbles!

Marbles That We Found?
Sports:  Soccor Player's who changed shorts on field and showed of his tightie whitie jock strap! We have washed these marbles!
Politics: Republican Senator's Susan Collins that stripped funding for truck safety.
News: Truck Driver's that drove 24 hours straight and crashed into comedian, Tracy Morgan's bus and killed James McNair.

This sit is under construction.
Pleave visit us again in a few days!
You can get your marbles back with a Certicate of Authenticity that you now have all your marbles to prove that you do to your family, friends, boss, work associates and the world!
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